Why I Love Xenoblade, Part 2

So in my last post I covered Xenoblade’s world, characters, and comprehensive affinity system. In Part 2, I’ll be focusing on the game’s battle system and music.

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VG Music: A Genuine Genre?

One of my least favorite questions is the following: “So, what kind of music do you like?” Usually my response is to stall while thinking of some normal, acceptable answer to supply instead of the truth. Usually I default to, “Japanese pop” (which is somewhat true) or sometimes even “classical,” which is the closest I can think to the kind of music I actually like.

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Hiroki Kikuta at MAGFest

(Hiroki Kikuta, on the right)

It’s not often that one gets a Japanese game music composer as a guest at conventions over here on the east coast. So naturally, I was pretty excited when I heard Hiroki Kikuta was to be a guest at MAGFest9. He had a Q&A panel around noon on the third day of the con where he answered attendees’ questions. Despite the fact that Mr. Kikuta was feeling under the weather, he still happily answered everyone’s questions.

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