Tales of Zestiria Import Impressions (by Radiant Roar)

This is an incredibly detailed critical analysis of Tales of Zestiria‘s mechanics based on playing the import. The author is my friend Radiant Roar, who is a long time expert on the deeper mechanics behind modern Tales of games. There’s a few minor spoilers for certain party members and boss names in the post but is otherwise spoiler-free. This post covers the game’s mechanics and is not a critique of the game’s story. It’s definitely worth a read.

Here is Radiant Roar’s youtube channel as well. He’s made a bunch of great videos from various Tales of games.

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7th Dragon 2020: This time it isn’t Godzilla

Last year I saw Pacific Rim and really enjoyed it. It had kaiju and space aliens and giant robots, what wasn’t there to like? And then earlier this month, I read Hiroshi Sakurazaka’s All You Need Is Kill, which featured aliens and mech suits and weird time loops. Yet another enjoyable story. (The film based off of this novel, Edge of Tomorrow, isn’t too bad either.) It would seem that I’ve hit a theme in my media consumption… This PSP RPG I just finished only followed in this bizarre theme of fighting off alien invasions.


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